Man Unit Bases

Men who want to enhance their look, camouflage balding or increase confidence with a new look now have hair options! Gone are the days of the old-school toupees, baseball caps and embarrassment - these man unit bases provide a full range of curl pattern styles and lengths for every man's favorite hair style. Though the models in this collection are female, your barber or stylist will take these unisex man unit bases to create your own custom hair unit, apply them based on your unique needs, then cut/style them to create a younger, stylish version of you!

With proper at-home care and regular stylist/barber maintenance, your man unit will last a long time, and when skillfully applied will be virtually indistinguishable from your own natural hair. Man unit bases may be used to create any possible male hair style you can imagine - fades, tapers, brush cuts, afros, mohawks, frohawks, dreads, locs, braids - even moustaches and beards!

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Man units are also referred to as custom hair units, male hair units and man weaves, though it is not as customary to use the term "weave" when referring to how these services are used for men.

To learn more about custom hair units / man units / man weaves, these videos will give you a great introduction for the service that is revolutionizing the black male hair care industry: